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Second Life Beach Bonanza – How to Take a Photo

From the rules page: “Between the hours of 12:00am PST (midnight) on Monday, July 27th until 12:00am PST (midnight) on Monday, August 3rd, share an image file (photo) of your avatar on Second Life’s Facebook Fan page here: http://www.facebook.com/secondlife. The shared photo with the most “like” votes on the Second Life Facebook Fan page will be awarded the prize.”

For some reason this contest piqued my interest – it’s encouraging Second Life users to dress up and take beach-themed photos. I decided, ah hell, it sounds fun! If you have a Facebook account, please vote! No, that’s not my Facebook account (I don’t have one, doh!)

But do check out the other photos and vote for them if you think they’re cool. Or even better, take part in this contest and let me know!

First, I searched for free things on http://www.xstreetsl.com by going to advanced search and entering $1 in the max field (entering $0 causes it to be ignored). To me, it was very fun to shop on a budget and see what I can come up with. You’d be amazed by the quality of free products available.

Next, I scouted nice scenic beaches. That proved to be pretty difficult – many of the nice looking beaches didn’t allow rezzing of objects (you can’t drag stuff out of your inventory and onto the floor). However, you could always wear the objects and adjust accordingly. It’s a good idea for you to be in a pose because your ambient movement will cause the worn object to move accordingly.

Being allowed to rez objects is important to me because I wanted to use a pose ball – you drag it out of your inventory and it looks like a ball. You “use” it, and your avatar strikes a pose. At the final location, things can’t be kept out indefinitely because they are auto-returned after about 5 minutes…unless you wear it or use it!

Second Life Beach

This was the first photo I was planning to submit originally. It’s quite horrifying isn’t it? The focus of the photo is on the watermelons, that are dangerously close to the waves. Later I just didn’t like how busy the whole scene looked. However, I liked Zazie surfboarding in the background (I had to “refresh” the sample screenshot a lot) and the random sunbathing lady as it adds to the beach charm, however the view in the back is quite…bleh!

To take a photo, use the “snapshot” button at the bottom of the screen. It will take a sample screenshot the moment you push the button and will give you options on what you want done (I typically save them to hard drive). Even if it’s minutes later, when I save it, it will be of the screenshot I took when I hit the “snapshot” button. It will will ask you where you want to save the file and what name. I entered “beachPhoto” and subsequent photos during this login would have a counter appended on. Pretty handy. You can hit “refresh” to get another sample screenshot if the current sample is too “stale”.

Anyways, I moved to the other side of the beach with a better view and started taking photos there. Some sailboats came by but left quickly =(

Second Life Beach

By the way, the girl and guy in the foreground, and Zazie on the surfboard…that’s all me. I had to open up multiple instances of Second Life client, and it taxed my system, but it worked out pretty well in the end. However, it was difficult to take photos as I was trying to control Zazie on the surfboard while taking photos with one of the posers.

By the way, did you know you can change the natural lighting? Go to World -> Environment Settings -> (sunrise, midday, sunset, midnight). I decided to change it to sunset and see how it looked – it was romantic!

Second Life Beach

Then I realized – although I associate watermelon with summer, having a pile like that right next to the waterline looks SO unnatural.

This became the contest entry:

Second Life Beach

Zazie was in a great surfing pose (wish she were closer). The dog jumping to grab the frisbee was at a great angle, and I like the lighthouse as a background. I just don’t like the awkward light source that came from the lower left corner of the screen, but I guess you can pretend it’s a bonfire (that’s close to the water, gah!)

Second Life Beach Group

This is the group photo. The watermelon, phoenix, and dog are worn by the girl in blue, so when she walks the things flutter and shake everywhere. Can you see a blue ball in the water? That’s the pose ball for swimming. My system was soooo slow by this point, I could not wait to finish this.

What’s the point of Second Life? To have fun. =) I sure did have fun taking photos!

Misc. accessories: search “Freebee Beach” in Second Life
The props in the photo can be found on XStreetSL:
Location: Honah Lee Surf
Phoenix pet
Sunday afternoon pose
Blue bikini and shorts
Dog – free non-pet version on the guy’s land
Zazie’s bikini
Watermelon pile

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Those photos look great! I REALLY like the sunset, what a good call that was! And yeah your point about the watermelon stack next to the shore looking unnatural was spot on. I really like the final pic. One question: why are you so pale in SL?? You’re not nearly that pale in real life :)

I “like”-d the photo to vote on facebook but it took me a bit to figure it out. Steps: become a “fan” of Second Life on FB, then go to the link you provided and you can “like” it.

Wow, thanks for voting! I appreciate the difficulty you went through to do so (I had no idea about “fanning” and stuff).

I figured since I try to avoid the sun and spend most of my time indoors, this skin color depicts what I think I would look? Hahahaha. =D

my favorite is the last pic.. with the dog floating in the sky and the watermelon dragging on the ground

Haha! You like the unnaturalness eh?

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